Date: April 12, 2016 From: Lannette,  Makeup Brush Company Owner RE: Your Celebrity Status Make Over

We all see the papers at the grocery store featuring celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Rhianna looking amazing. I used to admire their looks, but also …

I knew I had to figure out how to achieve great looks on a budget without paying for professional consultation.

My name is Lannette Jones and I created Blushies Makeup Brushes (you may have heard of us on because it is my goal to provide high quality, elegant makeup brushes for everyone.

Lately my email inbox has been flooded with requests for information on the names and uses of brushes and how to use them in daily makeup routines.

I first thought about sharing this information with my Blushies’ customers only, but my real passion is to help anyone with any brush or makeup brush set create an awesome professional level look – without the high price tag of a professional makeover.

I am not a Youtube tutorial guru or makeup geek- I just wanted to figure out how to look good, affordably and easily and share that information with you.

Makeup these days is not about looking made up, and putting on tons of product, but bringing out your innate beauty- to look naturally, effortlessly beautiful. Let the person you want to present to the world come out and have a good time, all while hiding minor imperfections to create a radiant look.

I am so excited to make this guide available to anyone who wants to learn the tips and tricks of professional makeup artists. These makeup hacks will make your makeup routine quick and easy, while adding something new and fresh.

This will help you get great results with your makeup application so you can get ready for nights out quickly and without stress. Don’t pay for a professional makeover, save that money for a fun girl’s night out!

Step by Step breakdowns of 12 hot celebrities’ makeup. Grab the look of your fave diva for yourself and feel more confident.  Be the envy of your besties- all your friends will be jealous of your cool new style. Get all the attention you have been craving.

End the confusion of what colors look best on your complexion, and how to balance out unwanted issues like excess redness, or blemishes. This simple technique has been used by makeup artists for years.

After you read this guide you will have all the info you need to put your tools to work for you and create the look you desire.

You want to look good, or you wouldn’t be here reading this. One thing to keep in mind: your time is something that you can never get back, save yourself time and money by using this guide.

However, if you desire, you can continue to search You Tube for that elusive tutorial that will make everything make sense. You can also shell out big…

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