Baby Sleep Today

In 2013 there were 3,500 infant deaths due to improper sleeping position!! As a parent, don’t you want to know the proper sleeping position for your baby? 

In addition, many parents fall victim to bad habits that may put their baby in danger. DO NOT LET THIS BE YOU!

A newborn may need up to 12 hours of sleep the first few months after birth, sometimes though, this doesn’t happen. Even toddlers have trouble sleeping and waking up at night, this can be troublesome to many parents.

Don’t you want to find a way, a remedy, to help your precious one to sleep at night? Well, look no further!

Through extensive research, we’ve compiled an eBook we want to make available to the general public. This is actually an updated eBook which we have expanded to include some FREEBIES to you! In addition, this eBook has everything to know about getting your precious child to sleep like a baby, no pun intended!

Lexi and her team of authors have put together a great resource! I love the extra eBook and the supplemental resources. I bought this for my niece’s baby shower last year.

I was skeptical when I bought this, but this eBook has really helped me on sleeping routines and habits for my baby. I would recommend to every parent!

My wife and I were having sleepless nights having our baby constantly waking up at night. We were often taking turns pretty much every night to be with our one year old when she woke up. There were times when our young girl would stay awake and cry, sometimes this lasted for several minutes in the middle of the night. Your eBook has really helped us to figure out what we need to do to have a good routine and make sure our child can sleep. This eBook is a Godsend! Thanks for writing it.

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