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After years of promoting other people’s workouts and content, I realized that the #1 thing holding people back from achieving their health and fitness goals was not that they were not following the right program, but that they were unable to stick through a program.

This is when I invested time and energy into understanding the mental side of things: why we do what we do, and why don’t do what we’re supposed to do. Mental toughness isn’t just something certain people are born with and others aren’t, it’s something that can be developed.

The majority of people give up mentally way before their bodies wear out. I saw this first hand as I pushed people through tough workouts. There were some who were able to push quite far without me saying anything. Others needed to yelled at. They needed some mental stimulation and positive reinforcement.

Others just shut down mentally, and there was nothing you could do wake them back up. They needed to 1) understand that their problem was not physical but mental, and 2) that they could develop themselves mentally.

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I’m not trying to sell a magic pill here, but the idea if very logical: your brain is the center of all your bodily functions. Your thoughts determine your mood. Your value system determines how you react to certain events in your life.

It was previously thought that fitness was just something just a few people could do. You had to follow the fitness program of a bodybuilder in order to lose weight.

When average folk asked the “experts” how they could reduce their stomach, they were told to perform crunches, or eat less, or try this diet, or do a juice fast.

I once saw a family of obese individuals in a drug store discussing a diet pill. I later saw that same family walk into a fast food restaurant, holding the purchase of the diet pill in their hands.

Over time, as I spoke with people, went through my own life experiences, and saw how well people reacted to motivational and mindset articles that I had written that I realized that we as a society are always looking for the EASY WAY.

Clint Eastwood refers to our society as the p*ssy generation (sorry if that offends some people, maybe I just lost a good bunch of you now….). I partially agree with him. We DO live in a time where everyone is just looking for the easy way, the shortcut.

No more shortcut. No more easy way. It’s now time to develop some grit. Some mental toughness and unleash all…

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