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Are you one of the many loving dog owners with the best of intentions, but unknowingly using outdated and harmful training techniques?

I’m here to show you a new school of thought based on the same care based methods we humans use to train our own offspring to be their very best (dogs are not so different from us, as you will learn).

Get unruly, even downright mean dogs to settle down with a soft touch and a gentle smile – WHEN you use the right techniques.

You can also train without training. Instead, becoming the loving partner and guide that your dog wants you to be in order to build a bond and connection with you as if you were mother or father, brother or sister.

There are too many sites and trainers who propose the dominance theory in training and the more voices we get that espouse the truth about canine behavior, the better off our pets will be. Alex’s theories, as presented here, represent how dogs actually learn and help refute punishment based approaches.

FACT: A May 2009 issue of the Journal of Veterinary Behavior highlighted a study that indicated human attempts to assert dominance over dogs tend to increase canine aggression in return.

RESEARCH: Researchers from the University of Bristol studied dogs in a shelter for six months, observing that they acted MORE aggressively, not less, when aggressive compliance-based techniques were used to train them.

DIS-PROVEN: In another more recent study, 25% of dog owners using confrontational training techniques including shock collars and verbal reprimands reported aggressive responses from their dogs.

STUDY: Meghan Herron, veterinarian at Ohio State University and lead author of the study published in Applied Animal Behavior Science stated “These dogs are acting aggressively as a response to FEAR.”

Are you…

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