Built To Win Virtual Summit

We have brought together 20 of the world’s most influential MENTAL GAME ALL-STARS, who serve players at the highest level. We asked each of them to dive deep into their personal success strategy that allows them to empower their clients to WIN their game and LOVE their life… so you can do it too!

I hand-picked experts who are at the top of their game… who LIVE their success…who care about your victory.

And you should know, each of them jumped on board with this summit, without hesitation, and despite their busy schedules… which speaks volumes to their passion and dedication to helping YOU.

Gina Parris, founder of Built To Win Coaching, is a performance & life coach for the Competitive Soul. She’s been transforming lives for 30 years.

As a speaker, relationship expert & mental coach, she has helped thousands of competitors around the world. Whether she’s hired to end an athlete’s slump, encourage a team, or empower parents, Gina’s strategies bring healing, high performance and fun.

Gina’s been married to her husband Paul since 1990 and they’ve raised 4 highly competitive kids, inlcuding one son who played professional baseball, twin boys who were a delivery-table surprise, and one trailblazing daughter.

"Hey I can’t wait for you to take part in THE MENTAL GAME ALL-STAR Virtual SUMMIT! I guarantee you will play much closer to your full potential if you tune in and take action.

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