Canine Cancer SECRETS

The one-of-a-kind breakthrough book designed specifically to help you cure your dog’s cancer using the #1 most effective, most dependable tool at your disposal:

"See What Other Dog Owners Are Already Saying About Canine Cancer Secrets"

Heather pictured with Dorje and Shadow says Canine Cancer Secrets "is a must for owners of dogs with cancer"

I was interested in what the book had to say about carcinogens around the house and environment and also what Dr Chris had to say about them.

This book is not only a must for owners of dogs who have cancer but also those owners who want to do the best they can to prevent their healthy dogs contracting cancer.

This book is a must have for any dog owner who really loves and cares for their pet and of course for those owners who have a beloved dog currently suffering with cancer. It may just be the difference to your dogs survival.

We will continue to check Tessa over and keep an eye on her health, like it says to do in the book, Canine Cancer Secrets.

And we have studied all the information given about the 7 different types of Cancer and how they can be caused and prevented.

"I Recommend This Book to Anyone Who Loves Their Dog as Their Family"

Kate’s dog Freddie doed from cancer so she says Canine Cancer Secrets will help save her future dogs from suffering this way

"Before I got Canine Cancer Secrets, I was watching my wonderful Doberman Freddie slipping away from me day by day. I would have done anything to save him although I really knew it was too late for him. So, the next priority is save a future dog from suffering in this way.

Many of the recipes in the book I have thought " mmm, I could cook that for us & the dogs can share!!" Seriously, they can easily be modified to suit most peoples available time & pockets.

There is so much in the news these days about what we feed ourselves. I recommend this book to anyone who loves their dog as their family – we should all know the truth about what we are feeding them. Yours sincerely, Mrs Kate Rixon"

Knowing the #1 weapon you personally have against cancer in your dog is nutrition, we have included 4 chapters 100% about nutrition including:

"I Thank You So Much Much For Putting Together All This Excellent Info"

I especially liked the recipes shown for dogs with cancer and going through chemo etc.

I feel that these recipes could also be good as regular feedings cancer or not.

Attached is a picture of my sweetie – Copper – a two year and 4 mos old Pom. I got him at 5 mos. and he turned into this beautiful guy. He is well and good and I pray he stays that way. I thank you so much for all the investigating and putting together all this excellent info. I definately will…

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