– Share Viral Videos – Make Money Online

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Recent news articles show how some YouTubers are earning upwards of $100,000 per year from the ads they display on and around their videos…

Instead of sharing videos you find on YouTube, you can load those same videos into your free ClipJacker account and share that link instead.

We’ll create a page that will embed the video just like on YouTube, it will still have the capacity to go viral, but now you earn ALL the revenue from the ads dispayed on the page!

You already share videos around the internet, so why not make money from something you’re going to do anyway?

Share videos in related forums. You could post a ‘golf bloopers’ video in golfing forums, sending hoards of targetted traffic to your golf related affiliate offers (posting affiliate links in forums is frowned upon, but this way it goes unnoticed and the members will actually like the video anyway)

You can use product reviews made by others, and surround the videos with your affiliate links for that very product! (All completely legally)

Share the latest buzz videos on Facebook and other social networks and watch them go viral on your video pages instead of on YouTube itself

Profit from any niche you like, there are already experts discussing all kinds of topics on YouTube, cash in on their knowledge without the research and hard work!

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