Dog Breeding Secrets by Rebecca Ourtel

At Last! A step by step guide to breeding happy healthy puppies and avoid terrible health problems or even death…

From the desk of Rebecca Ourtel Professional Dog Breeder Creator of April 2, 2011

If you have ever thought about breeding your dog then this may be the most important website you have ever seen!

My name is Rebecca Ourtel and I have been a professional dog breeder for the past 11 years after take over from my parents. Combined, we have more than 26 years of experience. Like many backyard breeders you probably think breeding dogs is a simple as putting a male and female dog in the same room and hoping for the best.

Hey, you might get lucky! BUT there is more to it then that. If you are the owner of the dam then I am sure you will want her to stay healthy during AND after the pregnancy.

Did you know that a large percent of dogs end up with some form of birth defects and even die? Most of these defects and deaths can be avoided if you have the correct information.

I have recently had this website created for me so that I can help out people just like you. – People wishing to breed their dog or even become a professional dog breeder. I am going to reveal my absolute biggest secrets and step-by-step techniques you must abide by if you want for the dam and puppies to get through the pregnancy and live healthy lives.

"This dog breeding guide is truly a life saver and nobody should attempt to breed dogs without this knowledge."

WOW, I cannot believe I was going to breed my dog without knowing all of this. Thanks for your help. You showed me a lot I had never thought about before.

This is a great resource. I love the step by step format. I am about to breed my rotty (Jess) and I feel much more confident now. Thanks,

My program has been designed to help anybody who wants to breed their dog. Or even if you want to become a professional dog breeder like myself, my program can help.

With the "Dog Breeding Secrets " program you will get everything you need to reduce the chances of breeding problems.

…and no matter who you are, how little you know about breeding dogs, my program can help you.

I do give 1 on 1 lessons for dog breeding but these can be quite costly. Customers through my website can get my program for much much less. Keep reading to see your discount.

If you don’t like this guide for any reason or even if you just change your mind, you can get a full refund on your order! This means you have no risk at all.

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