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We worked on off leash control, nixed the muzzles today and did some bites, single and double attackers. Orfeo seems to be biting well..we seems to have better off leash control when he is amped up and ready to go. I am pleased with our progress because there was a […]

Upon a lengthy conversation with Mike, our first goal is to condition Winnie to a muzzle.  Once she is comfortable with the muzzle I will then have a lesson in leash control.

Worked on control and muzzle hits.  Orfeo did sooo well being obedient during these drills today. I was sooo proud of him.  Off leash sits, downs, and recalls during distractions. He’s becoming such a thinking dog and learning to trust me and be on the same team with me. Becoming […]

@brett First time in the suit and I don’t think anyone took pics..? You’ll just have to take bites again next week..

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