EasyWebinar for doing Live Events, Automated Video Events, Webshows, Summits and More

Attn: Product Creator, Content Expert, Marketer, Consultant and Service Provider.  Have you been struggling to promote your product or service effectively online? Well, your search is over!

EasyWebinar integrates and uses the power of Google Hangouts and YouTube Live to bring you dynamic live events streamed in HD quality.  Finally giving you a replacement for overpriced out-of-date live webinar technology that you might be fed up with.  EasyWebinar allows you to stream out to an unlimited number of attendees and create as many events as your heart desires.

Duplicate your success and create evergreen webinar funnels.  Upload the recording of your best presentation to our system and we’ll present it for you with the same level of excitement/engagement as the live event.

We stream pre-recorded events in REAL TIME.  So if someone comes 10 minutes late or refreshes the event page, it doesn’t take them back to the beginning of the event, but continues where they left off.  You can stream out your prerecorded event at any time…even while you are sleeping.

Your live event and the leads, sales and engagement that was generated from it doesn’t have to die as soon as the event is over (unlike most live events).  Once that live event has ended, automatically convert it into an evergreen or automated event with one click of a button.  Allowing you to generate more leads and sales through the power of automation.

Get more viral traffic swarming into your events with our advanced Social Share Incentive feature.  One of the pages that is generated with EasyWebinar is the thank you page, and on this page you have the opportunity to bring in more viral leads through unlocking a free gift as a reward for someone sharing.  Our stats have…

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