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What ‘contestors‘ do is they know good places to find new sweepstakes posted online, they fill out the forms, send in the essays, videos, or similar, to get entries for online contests. They win often. Rough approximate odds of winning online sweepstakes are 1 in 700. It will depend on the contest of course, but in general if you do it on a daily basis, you will win 1 out of every 700 that you enter. This number can seem fairly high, but just think about it – lottery odds are 1 in 1 million, and here, the odds are 1 in 700! If you enter 100 contests a day, you will for sure win one contest a week. It’s a simple math of beating the odds. The more you enter, the more you win. It’s just so easy! That one prize a week could be a gift card to your local mall, but it could also be a trip to Hawaii!

You could do it too! There are many tips and tricks to know about this hobby – on how to optimize your entries, where to find new contests and sweepstakes, what are no purchase entries, what are some secrets on improving your odds, etc etc. We’ve put all this information in an eBook for you! It’s the most up to date guide to contesting.

Now, I run a blog, Tricks of the Trade for Entering Online Sweepstakes. We have multiple experienced sweepstakers that write blog posts about contesting. One of them shared with us in his blog post, that he won just over $85,000 in prizes last year. This hobby can really pay up! Well, he spends several hours a day on this hobby – if you don’t have that much time, and plan to start small, you might win less, but the fact is that you will still win some real prizes!

This hobby is best suited for those people, who don’t have the money to purchase luxury things. If you feel you might be one of those people, this eBook is for you. You can simply win what you cannot afford!

Want a funny example? Here it is. One of our community members was really keen to win an iPad. Her husband is retired, and she works part-time cleaning houses. Her grandson was chatting to her about his new dream to own an iPad one day, and she was planning to save for 6 months for it, to make her grandson happy. Then, following our advice, she entered over a hundred iPad contests, and now she has 4 iPads, that she won! :)) LOL. She gave one her grandson, one to her husband, and sold the other two. You always get what you really want to get. If your dream is to go on a trip to the Caribbean, then you should enter all contests that offer that as a prize! the more you will enter, the better your chances. To make…

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