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Our research was conducted in 2013. We collected the top 500 US e-retailers’ online stores (according to the data of 2012), and analyzed all of them according to a 45 point aspect-system. We have collected 948 online stores, and have determined 97.020 datapoints. The collection of this massive data took more than 1500 man-hours, and we had 9 people working on it altogether. After collecting the data we analyzed it, searching for correlations and patterns. Though this research was not made in a laboratory, and was not published in any science papers, we believe it will be benificial to ecommerce site owners around the world. We hope our findings will have a great impact on the online stores of the future.

We collected the best stores during the study, categorized them, and made them available for you. They are worth checking, as they represent the top solutions in their industry. Apparel / Accessories Online Stores Health / Beauty Online Stores Automotive Online Stores Jewelry Online Stores Catalog / Call Center Online Stores Book / Music / Video Online Stores Mass Merchant Online Stores Computer / Electronics Online Stores Office Supplies Online Stores Flower / Gift Online Stores Speciality Online Stores Food / Drug Online Stores Sport Online Stores Hardware / Home Improvement Online Stores Toys / Hobbies Online Stores Housewares / Home furnishing Online Stores

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