Forex Private Robot by Den Murakami

#1 NEWS: Since last week (June, 23 till now) we got about 280 Pips and actually $139.55 with 0.05 lot size.

Latest order USDCAD I closed by my own. I want to answer one more time for one of the frequently asked question: YES, it’s possible to close, modify orders manually. It doesn’t affect. In my opinion, it can help you to make even more Pips. By now, we have few live orders as well. I will keep you informed.

The priority task of the new development is to increase the income of the advisor through optimization of a range of important indexes:

We use a combination of patterns, horizontal and directional channels to identify the point of entrance to the market.

You have probably experienced the sense of regret many times after closing the order with a small profit, after which the price continued to move in the right direction. It’s ok if you missed 5-10 pips, but what if you lose 50 or 150 pips? I think there’s no comment necessary.

We have removed Take Profit. Yes, you got it right. There is no such thing as Take Profit in our robot. What’s the point in limiting your profit!? The matter is that we use Trailing Stop Loss, which has quite late start and quite a big step. All this helps to make each order as profitable as possible and not to closed it on the light remains of the price. Quite an unexpected move, isn’t it? But it actually works!

How? It’s quite easy. We measure the price range for a certain period of time, find local maximums and minimums and, using the data received, and set, for example, Stop Loss for Sell order higher than the local maximum…

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