Guide To Outsourcing Profits

Dear fellow internet marketer… the huge advantage internet marketing enjoys can also be its biggest problem…

…unlike traditional business, it enjoys total freedom from the profit-sucking overheads of fancy premises, inventory, warehouses, offices – AND the biggest expense of all – workers’ wages.

Because – working on your own – you have to master every skill under the sun to get your business off the ground – from creating a web site to crafting compelling sales copy and maybe even creating videos.

And, if you are still working 9-5 in a job, there’s hardly any time or energy left over after that. So it looks increasingly likely you’ll never enjoy that internet lifestyle of boatloads of money coupled with plenty of leisure time to enjoy your new-found wealth.

So, your days (and nights) quickly become an endless cycle of work and sleep. And very often, the sleep is sacrificed to get even more work done. Trouble is, the work starts to take even longer, because of the mistakes you make due to lack of sleep.

So your exciting project, that started off with such high hopes, quickly slides down into an unrelenting HELL.

But if you hire folks to lend a hand, they need to be supplied with equipment and somewhere to work – and that costs big bucks. Then there’s all those employment laws – minimum wage… fringe benefits – it’s a real minefield.

So – not only have you replaced one nightmare with another – you’ve also kissed goodbye to those tiny overheads that made internet marketing so utterly profitable and darn attractive in the first place.

They hire workers that offer them the very best deal, regardless of where they are located. Right now, that tends to be in China. But production could be switched in a heartbeat to anywhere where the quality is…

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