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Below is just a small sample of the more than 400 unsolicited testimonials this life-changing program has received so far:

"…I already lost 15 pounds in the first five weeks, and I feel like I’m just getting started.

"I am amazed each day how easy this is…. The weight is just falling off, and I am dropping dress sizes fast!!

Total weight loss is the last four months is more than 80 pounds…with no stress or strain in two months. Thank you again!!!!!!! God Bless You,

I have not experienced the struggles, the guilt, or the aching hunger “normally” associated with my previous weight loss attempts. I believe God has truly placed this call on your life."

"Hi Dr. Frank, I should maybe let you know I reached my goal of 120 lbs. Thanks a lot for your help.

"Aloha Dr. Frank! – Have to tell you – my weight registered 102.4 this morning when I got on the scale.

I can’t believe it – it seems like the weight is just dropping off of me….It’s all happening quite fast and I don’t feel like I’m struggling or striving. WOW!"

" Dr. Frank…with what feels like no effort have lost 10.5#. Never have I been able to accomplish such a dramatic loss without some crazy ‘diet’.

WLMS has equipped me with the tools to make changes in my life and the weight loss is just a by-product. Blessings to you and yours!

Dr. Smoot, guess what?!? I have lost a total of 14 pounds since I started. Can you believe it?!? Truly, God has answered my prayers."

"Well, good morning to you! I have great news! My heart felt so much lighter this morning.

I can’t fully explain it but I just felt different. I weighed 142…the lowest in a LONG time! Hugs, :o)"

"Dr. Frank, I have just finished my first week with your program – and all I can say is – where have you been all my life ????

This is SO what I needed – and is so much more than a weight loss tool. It is pulling one’s life together in every facet…."

"Good Morning Dr. Frank, can you believe that I have lost 43.5 lbs? It is even hard for me to believe!

It is almost overwhelming!…I have gotten to where I don’t even think about food any more. God really IS blessing my success!"

"Hi Dr. Smoot ….I have to tell you that the changes that are already taking place (in just TWO days) in my life are just amazing to me and I’m so excited to see where I’ll be in 7 weeks! Thank you so much for your help and time. Sincerely,"

"Dr. Smoot, guess what?!? I have lost a total of 14 pounds since [starting the program] Can you believe it?!? Truly, God has answered my prayers! "Dr. Smoot, please know that I thank you for all you do to help people like me. Most Sincerely,"

"Hi Dr…

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