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DOMINATE your next outdoor activity with this step by step backwoods mountain training system all while leaving a trail of mud, dirt and debris in your wake.

is to be shaped and formed by the environment around you, becoming that person in that environment. This program has been built around that actual process. Follow me…

Unearthed, sifted, and brushed off, out of the the Rocky Mountains is a strength training program that will allow you to take on any outdoor activity. Inside, you will discover the three keys to performance that you need to know about. The Back Country Built Strength Training Program allows you to be molded into an ABSOLUTE OUTDOOR TRAINING WARRIOR. You will feel what it’s like to become shaped and shredded by the rugged landscapes that this system has been built around.

The objective of this program is to take YOU from where you are now, to a place where you never thought you could be. This will be done by a progressive 3 Phase System designed to break you down and build you up:

All outdoor fitness-minded enthusiasts will greatly improve their body for all outdoor activity objectives. The activity of your choice is blended with the program, then carried into the field. These workouts can  build a rock hard mindset, shredded body, and, not to mention, unparalleled strength to DOMINATE any outdoor objective. This step by step system is unlike any program you have ever done before. All movements and workout routines require you to train the body at every possible angle leaving no unused muscle. This is a step-by-step-done-for-you outdoor training system that will leave no stone unturned.

Additionally, you will be encouraged to move as fast as a deer and get the strength of a…

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