Horse Training for Shoeing

There is an old western adage that states “No Feet, No Horse.” This is of course simply to say that if you are unable to keep your horse’s feet in good condition and are consequently unable to use him, then you may as well not have the horse. But what happens when we are confronted by the horse that does not want to have its feet worked on?

Few things are more embarrassing for the horse owner, frustrating for the horseshoer, and traumatic for the horse, than the unruly and often dangerous behavior of a horse that is determined not to let you work on its feet. Every farrier has been confronted by horses that attempt to get rid of him by such vicious behavior as:

*Leaning *Kicking *Striking *Spinning *Biting *Laying down *Rearing *Balking

The majority of farriers are not disposed to handle these problems: after all they get paid for trimming and shoeing, their time is valuable, and not that many of them are corrective behavior horse trainers. What then is the horse owner to do? Well, this site is devoted to answering that question!

For a list of the personal and financial benefits to be had for horse owners and farriers, from learning how to correct behavior problems that occur during shoeing and trimming, click on the Farriers & Owners link below.

For a review of ‘women and horses’ and especially of ‘women and handling horses feet” click on the Horse Talk link below.

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