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I’m about to ask you a couple of questions, and I want you to answer truthfully – not to me, but to yourself.

In fact, that’s the last thing on my mind – but you’ll see for yourself by the end of this letter.

I’m just going to ask you to have a little faith, and know that the person who is speaking to you right now is someone who wants you to get the chance to fulfill your dreams and help you to be fully satisfied with who you’ve become.

By no means am I saying that you are some kind of a failure that went completely astray and forgot about ambitions and making their dreams come true.

This is quite a common scenario for many people – life pushes us to do our jobs – often something we don’t really like, with longer hours than we’d prefer, and we usually get stuck there for longer than we had planned.

It’s not the kind of life we pictured ourselves having while we were growing up, but we try to put our mind at ease by telling ourselves that it’s the same for everyone, that nobody gets to live their dream…or at least not many do. You have to be born under a lucky star or something, right? Well no.

I know that you’ll say that it’s not so easy – and I can understand that. You have responsibilities, a family to support, bills to pay…and it’s not worth the risk trying to chase after some silly dream.

I’m not asking you to do anything, actually, I just want you to realize that it’s possible to make a big change in your life and your attitude towards it, by making very little effort. The trick is knowing what needs to be done.

But who has time for that, when so many of us who are working the day job, commute home, barely get a little time with our loved ones before we are tired out and crash back to bed, setting the alarm clock for a repeat of the same routine tomorrow? And the next day, and the next?

I have good news for you. You have already started learning how to do it, and, from someone who knows exactly what you need to do.

I’d just like to tell you a little bit about my life and what preceded my own breakthrough – it might just persuade you to have a go at this chasing after your dream thing, after all.

My name is Gerry Murphy, and I’d like to help you understand that nothing can change for the better, unless you take inspired action.

As is so often the case, once you actually start doing something you realize that it’s much easier than you originally thought it would be.

But, you have to take that initial step, and in order to really mean it, you have to be inspired to open the door to a completely new way of thinking.

Now, I’m…

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