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Hi, I’m Brandon. I love building simple, beautiful things out of pallet wood. Pallet University is all about simplifying that process.

They scour Pinterest and YouTube for the latest DIY ideas and see all these beautiful things that they "could" build, but in reality they’ve never built anything themselves.

I’ve watched the same "tutorials" you have on YouTube and other places and almost all of them have (at least) 1 of 3 problems:

  1. The video is really about showing off what someone made, and not really teaching you how to do it. While it’s nice to admire someone else’s work, I like to learn how to do things myself. At worst, these videos give you no instructions at all. At best, they give you bits and pieces that just leave you frustrated.
  2. ​Other videos do actually tell you or show you what to do, but unless you have a garage fit for a master woodworker – you are out of luck. I have some power tools, but a band saw that costs thousands of dollars?! I’m just not serious enough to invest that kind of money in my weekend DIY projects.

  3. The third kind of DIY tutorial that you’ll find on YouTube is the one that is just plain terrible. I don’t want to be insulting, but let’s face it – anybody can post stuff to YouTube. Some of the projects on there show you how to make things that you’d be embarrassed to put in your house, and the video looks like it was shot in 1994 with a VHS tape.

By the time you’ve sifted through the millions of videos on YouTube to find the one that actually makes something you’d like to have, uses tools that average folks have, and actually tells you how to make it… your weekend is over!

I know at least for me, a guy who works full-time in an office job, if I can’t find weekend DIY projects that are beautiful, simple, and quick – I usually keep looking for ones that are.

Some people just like the sense of accomplishment they get from making something by hand. Others create things to earn some extra money – something that has become easier and easier for the ‘average Joe’ to do.

I’m guessing that if you’ve read this far, you have an interest in DIY which means you’ve probably heard of a little website called "Etsy."

According to a story about the DIY furniture business in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, a search for pallet related items on Etsy returns over 20,000 different products.

While Etsy is one of the big online marketplaces to sell pallet furniture, it certainly isn’t the only one. Stories are everywhere about people who’ve turned their reclaimed wood furniture into a nice little side business, or in some cases a full-time income using Facebook, Craigslist, and other outlets to find buyers.

That Pittsburgh Post Gazette piece I referenced earlier tells the story of a 3rd grade teacher…

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