Liver Tracker

Trusted by patients worldwide, LiverTracker is an award-winning solution created by nurses, gastroenterologists, and dietitians specifically for liver patients.

"I have always struggled taking the time to prepare meals in the long run. After awhile I don’t know what to prepare that’s healthy. Thankfully this time with their coaching and healthy recipe ideas, I was able to go further into building good habits in the long run."

"Very pleased to report that my bloodwork all came back in the normal range! Using your structured journal guides for food intake as well as weight/measurement tracking charts I am eating so much cleaner and healthier."

"I never thought that documenting my daily meal intake could make such a huge difference! Since I started on LiverTracker a couple of months ago, I have lost 14 lbs from tracking my meals and using the recipes provided.."

"The 12 -week master class was carefully designed so that I had to take one thing at a time. Rather than making sweeping changes, it forced me to slow down, which was exactly what I needed. I learned to take things one small step, one healthy habit at a time. Not to mention the challenges were great! I feel like I have my life back slowly."

This is exactly what I am looking for! Through liver tracker I was able to keep an eye of the foods that I eat and my portions. I now know why what I did before never work for me. I’ve never felt so much better! This is really an eye-opener for me.

"My husband lost 4lbs in two weeks following your advice and activities.He enjoyed each training emails received. Thank you for all your help and advice. I hope more people will be able to learn about your website."

"Whether you want to lose weight, manage your condition or get in shape, LiverTracker™ is your easy-to-learn online health tool in taking charge of your health."

"Increasing patient awareness and involvement is something we doctors frequently struggle with… LiverTracker helps us do just that."

Health monitoring is vital for patients with liver disease. Keep track of all your data—daily calories, weight, lab results, and more—with easy-to-use health logs you can update anytime. You’ll get the benefits of detailed monitoring system, without all the hassle.

Is your condition improving? Are you meeting your health goals? Find out at a glance with automatically generated graphs and charts. You can compare your old results to new ones and look forward to visible improvement!

Observing patterns in your liver health can help you come up with more ways to improve it. And that’s easy to do with your own personalized health timeline. You’ll retain access to all the information you’ve logged, at anytime, for always—no paper and storage space required.

Having a personal record of your health can be a lifesaver. A personal health record can give vital information your health…

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