Music Theory Course – Music Learning Workshop

I’ve studied music both the hard way and the easy way.  After experiencing an immersion in music principles and theory I was able to accelerate my skills at playing music. You too can learn faster and easier through complete knowledge of principles. 

“Finding a Music Course Which Actually Accelerates the Learning of Music Principles and Not in the Old Fashion Text Book Method.”

….there is one problem with these books. They tell you theory they don’t help you learn music principles. These sources just don’t get the job done when it comes to learning music.

I know that most teachers take far too long to get the theory taught to their students, sometimes you can study for years and never learn the real basics.

Others make sure you are getting it done at a much faster rate. And quite frankly you need to find one or be one of those teachers.

Some of you have even tried those books that insult your intelligence. You’re not dumb or an idiot, you have simply not been informed. Please, you wouldn’t be looking for a resource like this if you were. You’re smart because you’re looking for that great resource that’s going to get you where you want to go.

Did you know that the great composers where taught by theorists and were not taught note by note like so many of the teachers and methods do today. They were composers because they truly understood and used theory concepts and music principles.

Today teaching is done mostly note by note and therefore people don’t read music they spell it note by note. You can learn to play but you don’t understand what you’re playing.

It’s the folks that take the time…

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