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Hi, my name is Johnny Montoya and I know what it’s like to feel confused and lost in the middle of a song. It’s a common problem, and without proper guidance, a lot of beginners end up fumbling around on their own, hoping to get it right.

They teach themselves the wrong way and develop bad habits. They end up feeling inadequate, untalented and left behind. Some give up altogether!

As you can probably tell, I’m speaking from experience. Even after having played for a few years, I still struggled with songs that I knew should have been easy.

The frustration made me feel like I wasn’t that good, even though I knew I had so much more potential.

So one day I decided to carefully observe myself playing. That’s when I started noticing silly mistakes that were accumulating, causing me to constantly stumble.

The main lesson I learned was that if you can hold down a chord correctly, strum it right and change to the next one smoothly and confidently, it frees up your concentration, allowing you to memorize a song without distractions.

And now I’ve put everything I learned into a course which will reveal to you the techniques that you’ll need to be able to make it through a song without any hiccups.

I’ve become the master of dumbing things down and making them crystal clear. My course will give you an easy structure to follow, and you’ll benefit from all my hard work and save a lot of time and pain. By the end of it you’ll be a much smarter player!

Play Songs Correctly On Guitar is an in depth tuition of 6 songs, which I’ll break right down to their most basic components. As well as giving you clear instructions on what to do, I’ll show you by doing it myself in the videos that come with this course.

I’ll show you how to make quick, smooth, efficient changes from one chord to the next, so you won’t go wrong…

Once you know how to make all the chord changes for the song, we’re going to go over all the chord progressions, and the correct strumming rhythms…

Then I’ll break down the song into manageable chunks. Many songs tend to repeat whole chunks, with maybe some slight variations. So when you know one chunk, you’ll automatically know most of the song…

And finally, I’ll show you clearly the full structure of the song, which by this time will be a simple matter of memorization. All you need to do is string together everything you’ve learned :

In Play Songs Correctly On Guitar I’m going to demonstrate all the exercises myself in the videos, so when you play along with me, you’ll always see exactly how to do everything. I’m not just going to give you diagrams and leave you to fend for yourself…

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