Search Engine Placement

You can get the top spot on Google! You don’t need any special skills or training to put the 4 easy steps to work for you.  Anyone can do it.  To obtain the best search engine placement all it takes is knowledge.  The SIMPLE SEO ebook will give you that knowledge.  You will be wondering "why didn’t I think of this?"  This is the only SEO book that you will ever need.

SEARCH ENGINE PLACEMENT Why search engine placement?  One thing almost every commercial website has in common is that the end user or customer have to be able to find it.  Generally the more quality traffic a website has the more profitable it is going to be.  In real estate there is an old saying location, location, location.  The same is true on the internet.  Search engine placement, search engine placement, search engine placement.  These are the three (3) things needed for your website to be successful.  I like to categorize search engine placement three (3) different ways.  Category 1 is NO SEARCH ENGINE PLACEMENT.  These websites are usually "hobby" websites and don’t generate much quality traffic, income or anything else.  Category 2 is GOOD SEARCH ENGINE PLACEMENT.  These websites tend to bring in some revenue, maybe even enough to make to support your family and be self employed, but they spend much of their profits on pay-per-click advertising and when it is all said and done would probably be better off working for someone else.  Category 3 is GREAT SEARCH ENGINE PLACEMENT.  This is where everyone wants to be on the internet.  This is the "ocean front property" of the internet.  This is getting to the top of google on your chosen keyword searches.  This is like putting your retail brick and mortar store on the busiest intersection in town-and not having to pay rent to be there.  How to you get the great search engine placement?  My ebook SIMPLE SEO shows you the road map on how to get straight to the top of Google and all of the other major search engines in just 4 easy steps.  If you want to own the prime real estate of the search engines then you need SIMPLE SEO.

Ask yourself these questions . . . . Does your website need quality free traffic? Are you tired of paying for clicks? Do you wonder "how do I get to the top of Google, Yahoo and MSN?" Do you think SEO is some form of "black magic"? Are you intimidated by the thought of optimizing your own website? If you can answer yes to any of the above questions, then "Simple SEO" ebook is for you. What will "Simple SEO" ebook do for you? Simple SEO ebook will . . . . *teach you how to optimize your website in  4 easy steps *provide you with the tools to get free, quality website traffic *teach you how to manipulate search engine placement *increase your profits more than you can imagine *make you an expert on SEO…

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