Star Horse System

First of all, I don’t know how you found this exclusive, invitation-only page. And honestly, I don’t care. But let’s get one thing straight: What you’re about to find out will change your life… Why? Because I’m about to blow all the bullsh!t out of the water, and give you the cold hard truth you’ve been looking for this whole time. "Lets Make A Deal"… I’ll promise to be up-front and honest about everything, if you promise that you’re not going to run away and hide behind your sofa. Deal?? Okay! Let’s Get Right To It.

The true reason you’re still stuck.. not understanding how the big money is made betting online.. waiting for that big break, or just downright unmotivated is because you are fed BOGUS OPPORTUNITIES!

A lot of these guys do make Thousands Betting online, but they don’t do it using the softwares and betting systems they try to sell you.. No, in fact, all too often those products are created by people who don’t understand horse racing at all!

A 55% strike rate may sound impressive but you can get similar results just by backing the 1st and 2nd favourite in every race. You won’t make a profit doing so, but you too will be able to make the same strike rate claims as some of these so called betting experts.

… I’m not about to insult you with some made-up story about how poor I was untill I accidently stumbled across this or "how i got my hands on some "illegal" software and now the bookies want me dead or anything else ridiculous. I promised to be honest with you, remember?

My full name is Stanley Oliver Rice (known as Stan) and I have beenaround horse racing and betting my whole life.

I Grew up as a horse-mad boy in Kent, my whole family have been training, raising and racing horses for a long as I can remember. I used to visit my Grandma in Yorkshire and sit on her big thoroughbreds that she would sometimes race. She used to put me on their backs, and just lead me around with their bridles on.

My ambition was to become a Jockey but my genetics had different ideas. With my ever increasing height I had to rethink my options….(It’s ok you can laugh)

My mum learned to train and look after horses from a very young age and my Dad was a regular at the race tracks. He’d spend most of his time either betting on horses or preparing for his next bets. My mum never complained because she knew he was the best at it. My Family taught me pretty much everything I know.

Sure, £45 quid wasnt life-changing… but it was the first £45 I’d ever made off my own back… and it had come from just making a few simple calculations, something I felt came extremely easy to me.

From that day on I never looked back…

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