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Welcome to my subscription horse racing tips service.  I don’t want to offer anything complicated here and have kept the options for you to signup simple.  I would like to make it clear, I do not offer a free service and make no bones about!  The information that you will receive from me is from a combination of insider information and my excellent, proven horse racing betting system.  I am confident that once you have signed up for my horse racing tips you will see what great value this subscription service it.  The money that can be made over the course of the year is awesome!

Over the course of a year, I would expect you to profit by around 20-30% on stakes from my horse racing tips received after signing up for the subscription service.

Once you have selected one of the horse racing tips subscription offers above you will need to make your payment through CLICKBANK (free). All transactions will be handled securely by CLICKBANK and I will not be able to view your personal/financial details.  You will also need to create an account for so that I can advise you of the betting daily selections.

It is unlikely that I will be making selections each day, however I will aim to provide you with an average of 4 horse racing tips each week via email.  You should expect to receive the selections before 14.00 on the day of the race if there are selections that day.  The selections are usually in the range of 5/1 to 25/1, I won’t be wasting our time on odds-on bets!  I will aim for a yield of my betting bank of around 25%.  I work on the 1-5pt scale using the points staking system, 1pt being the minimum bet and 5pts being the maximum, though it’d be rare that I’d ever find anything worthy of going beyond 3pts (1pt & 2pts will be the norm).

I will make no bones about it we will experience losing runs!  However, I aim for anything around a 200pt profit every year, but that will depend on how much is staked throughout the seasons.  I will be wrong more often than I’ll be right,  however due to the longer odds I only need to be right about 12-15% of the time in order to profit, though, and anyone taking the long-term view to gambling will be rewarded here, of that I am sure.

If you have any questions, please fill out the form here and I’ll back to you as soon as I can.

Although the information that I receive has proven very reliable in the past, please remember that this is still gambling and I cannot guarantee that we will always win.

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