The Swedish Tiger Guide – Swedish Tiger Guide

My name is Thomas and I’m from Stockholm, Sweden. I’m the author of the # 1 Best Selling Male Sex Guide; The Swedish Tiger Guide – how to last longer in bed. The purpose of The Swedish Tiger Guide is to teach you how to stop premature ejaculation and last for as long as you want. I used to have a severe premature ejaculation problem just like you, but not anymore. I have researched this sexual dysfunction for many years and I have finally found a treatment that works great.

After years of research and testing, I am going to share this knowledge with you. The Swedish Tiger Guide explains everything you need to know about how to stop premature ejaculation. So let’s admit it. You are reading this because you want to last longer in bed. You suffer from premature ejaculation just like I did. And it sucks. My guess is you’re not feeling too great about yourself right now. Especially in the bedroom.

Even though up to 88% of all men have had troubles lasting as long as they might want to in bed at some point of their lives, no one wants to talk about it. Heck, you might not want to talk about it – and that’s understandable.

But if you never talk about your premature ejaculation worries, how are you ever going to solve this problem?

If yes, you’ve come to the right place. You are about to learn the secret to the Swedish Tiger Guide how to have unbelievable sex and give your partner mind blowing sex!

It’s time to start being one of the men that actually stand up and find the support they need to get past premature ejaculation and start enjoying sex again.

Once you ejaculate too quickly, you’re afraid that it will happen again… and again… and again. This makes you nervous in the bedroom, and that can increase the chances of ejaculating too early. It can feel hopeless and there are times when you feel that nothing is going to change. But you can stop the cycle and you can (finally) get advice that works, that is proven to work, and that has been discovered by someone who has been in your place before.

I never wanted to talk about premature ejaculation either. I wanted to close my eyes and hope that it went away. Every new girl made me shit-nervous and I was just hoping it would go away. Well, that didn’t work. It got worse and worse. I felt terrible. I had no one to talk to. No help from anyone. Bought every program I could find but nothing worked.

Instead, after too many embarrassing moments in the sack, I decided I needed to start doing the research into what causes premature ejaculation and what makes it a thing of the past. Since 2001, I’ve been reading, researching and talking with experts about premature ejaculation. Yes, at first, it…

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