The Ultimate Guide to Great Table Service – Simple Tips for Being Your Guest’s Favorite Server and Making Better Money

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We’ve all been there – our tips have flat-lined and we can’t seem to find our game. Or, you are new to the game and you can’t seem to figure everything out. If you are reading this, chances are you are one of the following people:

We have all gone through our server training which consists of our trainer showing us where the break room and dish pit are, and how to do the all important cash-out. Now, if you are a veteran server, you can usually hit the ground running. If you are a rookie, it will probably take some trial and error to find your "voice".

What if there was a way to solve all of these problems for the cost of the tip off of a $150 four top? What if you had access to years of experience all condensed in an easy to follow formula that works all the time every time?​

To solve that problem I wrote ​The Ultimate Guide to Great Table Service: Simple Tips for Being Your Guest’s Favorite Server!

It is an easy to follow blueprint that follows the course of a typical meal in a restaurant, at dinner time. ​Following this proven formula will increase your tips on every table, every shift, of every week!

My name is Shane M Belanger, and I have been in the restaurant business for well over 20 years and have held pretty much every position in the front of the house. I started out as a busser, then progressed to server, then bartender, then bar manager, then shift supervisor, then manager, then back to server/bartender.

During all of these transitions, I did not receive any formal training on waiting tables (back when we were called waiters), tending bar or even managing! I…